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Terms & Conditions


@ Hydro Canine, everyone’s safety is of importance to us. Before we start our first swim session with your dog, you will need to acknowledge that you are made aware of the Centre's terms and conditions. It is your responsibility to ensure that all instructions are followed.

  • While safety and care are taken in the provision of treatment and swimming, all dogs attending or undergoing treatment do so, entirely at their owner’s risk.

  • We reserve the right not to accept any dogs that are aggressive or refuse to be handled. We may use muzzles inside/outside the pool as well as in the shower for these dogs, to ensure the safety of our Centre staff and other dogs.

  • Dogs with fleas/ticks, sores, infectious conditions like an ear, eye, or skin infection or females who are in heat etc. are not allowed to swim. Their sessions will resume only after all the mentioned conditions have been treated and cleared by their vets in writing.

  • We reserve the right to refuse treatment of any animal.

  • We will refuse to serve any customers who are abusive to our Centre staff.

  • We have the right to refuse any services to any persons who refuse to accept our terms and conditions.

  • Hydro Canine cannot be held responsible for any loss or damage to any vehicle or personal property while on the premises.

  • Owners are not permitted to swim with their dogs.  

  • Owners are to be responsible and clean up after their dogs if they peed or pooed in the centre. 


Veterinary referral & vaccination
•    All hydrotherapy sessions must present the necessary veterinary referral and medical records to the centre.
•    A valid & updated vaccination card is required. The Centre would not be responsible if the dog contracted an infection. The owner understands and acknowledges the risk. 

Packages & Bookings

  • Pool sharing is allowed and at the discretion of the Centre. The pool is big enough to swim 2-4 dogs at a one-time slot.

  • All treatments and packages must be fully paid before commencement.

  • All packages are valid for six (06) months unless stated otherwise.

  • All prices shall be either communicated to you by our staff or as seen on our price list on our counter. We reserve the right to adjust our prices.

  • All sessions & packages are non-transferable and non-refundable.

  • All swim sessions are conducted at a standard period of 30 minutes or at the therapist’s discretion. Each swim session is conducted accordingly to the time slot, there will not be any over-run/ extension if you are late for your session.

  • Please arrive at least 10 mins early (1st Swim -20 mins early)  before your scheduled swim appointment so your dog can start the swim on time.

  • Due to high swim volume on the weekends, latecomers will have their dogs’ swim completed on time so as to be fair and not to cause any inconvenience to the next dog in line.

  • In the event that the pool water quality is not up to standard, affected clients will be notified immediately, and all appointments will be rescheduled.

  • The happy Doggy Swim program is purely for the dog’s exercise & enjoyment. The dog’s swim will be supervised by its owner or by the Centre's staff. Toys will be provided to motivate and make the swimming fun, and all dogs must wear floatation aids during their swim. The Centre staff will not be expected to provide therapy advice during this program. The Center reserves the discretion of whether to assign a hydrotherapist/staff to supervise the dog’s swim.

Cancellation / No Show

  • Hydrotherapy sessions cancelled or missed with less than 12 hours' notice will be charged in full.

  • For Package Holders: 1 session will be automatically deducted from our system with every new booking made. Any cancellations must be notified 12 hours before the appointment time.

  • If there is any cancellation done 2 hours before your appointment, the system will maintain the auto deduction.

  • An SMS reminder will be sent a day before the session starts. Please notify us of any cancellation of the appointment 12 hours before the appointment time.

  • All sessions & packages are not transferable and refundable unless otherwise stated and at the management’s discretion.

  • If your dog has passed on during the course of its hydrotherapy, we will refund the balance amount of your purchased package via bank cheque after the submission of a vet’s confirmation letter.

  • Any other refunds will be at the Center’s discretion, and a 15% administrative fee will be charged.


Video & Photography

  • Hydro Canine reserves the right to use any still or video photography taken during any sessions as it requires.

  • No form of photography/ videography is allowed on-site unless permission is granted by Hydro Canine.

  • We have the right to request any photography or video postings by the dog's owner, to be taken down from the media sites.



It is the owner’s responsibility to: 


  •  DO NOT FEED for at least 3 HOURS BEFORE the swim appointment and 2 HOURS after the swim.

  • Please inform our staff in advance if your dog is on any medication and ensure that the feeding of the medication does not clash with the appointment time.

  • If your dog’s health changes in any way before an appointment, please inform us as early as possible before the session starts.

  • Dogs with infectious/contagious conditions like kennel cough, yeast infection, open wounds, diarrhoea, and vomiting symptoms are not allowed to swim. ALL sessions will be cancelled, and we are to be notified at least 48 hours from your appointment time. 

  • TOILET your dog before every swim. The dog owner will be charged an extra $200 for water cleaning and disinfecting in the event of any defecation incident.

  • Please act responsibly as a dog owner and clean up after your dog and dispose of the mess into the bin provided. DO NOT allow your dog to pee along the common corridor. 

  • Ensure that all dogs are kept on the leash and under proper control at all times within the Centre.

  • Only dogs that are booked for appointments are allowed on the Centre's premises. 

  • If you have your human children coming along, they must remain with an accompanying adult at all times and must stay in any designated areas. For everyone's safety, NO RUNNING or PLAYING is permitted.

  • We require a copy of the dog owner or its agent’s identification if the dog is left at the Centre without its owner or its agent’s presence.

  • Owners are to notify Hydro Canine immediately if the dog’s condition worsens after the treatment, or if the veterinarian has advised in writing that the treatment is suspended or changed.

  • All personal belongings left unattended will be at the owner’s or its agent’s own risk.

  • The dog owner or its agent agrees to indemnify the Center from any proceedings fully, all actions, demands, claims, liabilities, damages, losses, costs, and expenses (including, without limitation, legal costs on an indemnity basis) sustained as a result of

    • the dog owner or its agent’s breach of any obligations under this Terms and Conditions; and/or

    • death, injury, loss or damage to persons or property (including caused or contributed by the negligence, act, default or omission of the owner of the dog/the dog handler or its agents.


We thank you for your understanding and cooperation of the terms and conditions.

*Terms and conditions may be subject to changes. Any changes will be notified.



Personal Data Protection Act 2012
•    I hereby authorize, agree and consent to allow Hydro Canine Pte Ltd to:


  • collect, use, disclose and/or process personal data about me that I had previously provided Hydro Canine, that I now provide Hydro Canine, that I may in future provide Hydro Canine with and/or that Hydro Canine possesses about me including but not limited to my name, my date of birth, my identification number, my email address, my telephone numbers, my address for the following purposes:

  • facilitating, processing, dealing with, administering, managing and maintaining our relationship with Hydro Canine;

  • dealing with any matters relating to Hydro Canine's products, services and activities;

  • carrying out due diligence and other screening activities, or to prevent or investigating any fraud or breach of contract or unlawful activity, or complying with or as required by any applicable law, governmental or regulatory requirements of any relevant jurisdiction;

  • conducting research, analysis and development activities (including but not limited to data analytics, surveys or profiling) to enhance Hydro Canine's products, services or operations, and/or otherwise for Hydro Canine's business operations and purposes;

  • storing, hosting, backing up (whether for disaster recovery or otherwise) of my data, whether within or outside Singapore,

  • (collectively the “Purposes”);

  • Disclose personal data about me to Hydro Canine's third-party service providers and agents (“Representatives”) that are engaged by Hydro Canine to perform certain functions in connection with the Purposes, so long as the disclosure is necessary to enable such Representatives to perform the said functions. The Representatives may be located within or outside Singapore. In this regard, I hereby acknowledge, agree and consent that the said Representatives may, to the extent necessary to perform the said functions, collect, use, disclose or process my personal data.



  • The services provided by Hydro Canine are not medical procedures. We are not a veterinary clinic, and the owners and staff are not veterinarians. We work under the guidance of and in cooperation with veterinarians.

  • If your dog is recovering from surgery or any other veterinary procedure, all diagnoses and treatments must be recommended, approved and monitored by a veterinarian. At no time will Hydro Canine diagnose, recommend treatment methods and determine the health of your dog. Any consultation provided by Hydro Canine is intended solely to review the veterinary recommendations.

  • Hydro Canine is not responsible for any injuries to any dogs or their guardians resulting from the use of the pool. 




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