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How do I make a swim session booking?

For  NEW Clients,

  1. Please SMS/ Whatsapp us @ 9119 3819  the following information

    • Dog's Name - 

    • Breed -

    • Age -

    • Weight - 

    • Any medical conditions - 

    • On any medication - 

    • 1st time swimming? -

    • Owner's Name - 

    • Owner's Email address - 


New Clients

  1. Please arrive 20 minutes earlier before your booked time slot

  2. Please bring along or email us your updated vaccination card for verification.

  3. ALL registration forms must be completed, signed and submitted before the start of the swim

  4. We will do the first fitting of the flotation aid. A life jacket is provided for safety.

  5. As we have back to back swim sessions, we will not be able to over-run any swim if you are late. This is to ensure we are fair to the next session booking.

  6. For Hydrotherapy treatment,  we will contact you for more information like Vet’s referral & approval for Hydrotherapy/ your dog’s medical conditions/records & current medication so forth.



  1. TOILET your dog 20 minutes before the swim. Please pick up after your dog within & around the premises.

  2. DO NOT feed your dog 3 - 4 hours before and 2 hours after the swim.

  3. Please arrive 10 minutes earlier before your swim appointment. 

  4. For cancellation, please inform us at least 18 hours prior to your appointment.

  5. If there is no show-up or cancellation done 6 hours before your appointment, the system will maintain the auto deduction from the existing swim package.

  6. Pre-book time slot can be made and limited to the number of balanced sessions in their package (e.g Bal 02, you can pre-book up to 2 time/ date slots)

  7. Pool sharing is allowed for all time slots

  8. Please follow the instructions sent via mobile the day before the swim.

  9. Bring along shampoo & 1-2 Big Bath towels for your dog

  10. We will only do a quick rinse without shampoo and 3/4 blow-dry

  11. Please read and observe the centre's terms & conditions before any swim/ appointment


* The bookings are on a first-come-first-served basis and early confirmation is recommended. Late replies may result in the preferred time slot being taken by another client.

 Please note that all SMS/Whatsapp text booking received after 10 pm, we will schedule and update you on the next working day.


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