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Longest indoor  SWIMMING POOL


A well-balanced exercise routine starts here for your dogs.





Healing. Recovery. Wellness.


Hydrotherapy is beneficial to all dogs of ages and abilities.

The swim must be conducted in a temperature controlled water, heated to 29-30 deg Celsius, which stimulates blood circulation, eases stiff and swollen joints thus encouraging a good range of motion in a non-weight bearing conditions.

Hydrotherapy helps with pre & post-surgery rehabilitation and increase the chance of a successful return to full fitness.

Senior Doggy 

Senior Dog Program

Swimming is a great way to exercise your older dog with lowered risk of doing any damage or hurting already painful arthritic joints.

The temperature controlled warm water will help to relax tight muscles, assist blood flow and acts as a natural anti-inflammatory.

Happy Doggy Swim
& Puppy puppy Swim

Let's go swimming!!!

Not all dogs are natural swimmers, just like humans, our dogs may need to be encouraged and taught how to swim.

A positive introduction will help to build their confidence, be comfortable and enjoy swimming.

Your dog will soon love to swim and getting all the health benefits of swimming.

Power Fitness/Agility Swim
Custom Programs to suit your dog's fitness


This is a custom tailored program to improve cardiovascular stamina, muscle toning and promote a wide range of body movement with no major impact on their joints.


About Hydro Canine

Hydro Canine is set up with the simplest aspiration to encourage dog owners to embrace a well-balanced exercise routine, that includes both aquatic and land exercises for your dogs. Often we encounter dogs, who are either under or over exercised on land and this results in the development of many physical and medical conditions as they age. Unlike humans, our dogs are not able to vocalise their pain to us. Hence we may be aggravating their conditions and prolonging their agony if we do not manage their exercises well.

Here, we offer your dogs a wide range of customised swimming programs and hydrotherapy treatment. Whether recovering from surgery or a physical injury, keeping in shape or losing some weight,  or learning how to swim for the first time, or just having fun in the water, these swim exercises and hydrotherapy, will be highly beneficial to them.

At Hydro Canine, we provide a safe, hygienic and controlled environment that is conducive to keeping our dogs fit and healthy as well as having fun swimming at our BIGGEST and LONGEST custom built heated indoor swimming pool for dogs in Singapore.

Give your dog the quality of life that they deserve. 

About the super duper friendly husband and wife team hydrotherapists. Many, who knows Dave & Belle well, would jocularly describe us as " the passionate couple who love dogs more than humans!! "

Dave & Belle are both trained and obtained their Level 3 Certificate in Hydrotherapy for Small Animals by the reputable Greyfriars Veterinary Rehabilitation And Referral Centre, Guildford, United Kingdom.


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